Driving School Warsaw - Driving license B in english

  • Standard driving course in English 2290 PLN
  • Driving course in English (automatic transmission) 2790 PLN 
  • Individual driving course in English the price is determined individually 
  • Single driving lesson 75 per hour  
  • Driving lesson (automatic transmission) 95 PLN 


The price of a course covers:
- The theoretical classes
- The practical classes
- The internal practice exam (simulation)
- The handbook
- Access to examination questions (CD)
- Sorting out formalities

The office is located at 35 Batorego Street, near Pole Mokotowskie underground station. You can reach us by underground, trams (17, 33, 41) or buses (119, 167, 168, 174, 195, 700).

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About our driving academy

We appreciate your interest in driving license course at GAZeLka! We are a professional, fast growing driving school, established in 2014. Since then we've been offering driving lessons to suit almost every need. GAZeLka helped many Polish and foreign nationals pass the driving exam and get the driving license. Whether for your work, study or to feel more confident with your driving techniques, contact us to find out how can we help you.

Who can start a drivers license course

According to the Polish law, a driving can be started by a person who has been living in Poland for at least 6 months and who can prove this fact by means of official documents (e.g. a passport with visa, a resident card, confirmation of address).

Theoretical course
Theoretical classes take place in a classroom of our school located at Batorego Street, next to the Pole Mokotowskie underground station. Theoretical classes are conducted with the use of English presentations covering the following 5 parts:
B category and road signs
Right of way of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, documents, traffic inspection
On the road, national speed limits, safety on the road
The car, ecodriving, the trial test, the national exam
First aid

Practical course
This part covers 30 hours. We drive and practice all examination maneuvers which are mandatory during the national exam, such as: parking, U-turn, stopping, driving through various types of intersections, etc. When you finish the last hour of practice driving, the time comes for simulation. Simulation is natural driving, when the student drives alone - the instructor only gives commands and monitors the driving. It's a very helpful tool allowing you to determine whether you are ready to take the national exam!

The national exam
The theoretical exam can be taken in English. Exams are offered by every branch of the Examination Centre (WORD) and cost 30 PLN. The computer system selects 32 questions; each worth 1, 2 or 3 points. The maximum score is 74 points, the passing threshold is 68 points.
The practical exam costs 140 PLN and must be taken in the presence of a sworn translator if you do not speak Polish.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Warszawa Batorego

Biuro: ul. Batorego 35
02-591 Warszawa

Sala wykładowa:
ul. Batorego 39



Warszawa Radarowa

Biuro: ul. Radarowa 26
02-137 Warszawa

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ul. Radarowa 26


Warszawa Powsińska

Biuro: ul. Powsińska 20
02-920 Warszawa

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ul. Powsińska 20


Godziny otwarcia biura:

Pole Mokotowskie - Batorego

Poniedziałek:  16-19
Wtorek:         16-19
Środa:           16-19
Czwartek:      15-18
Piątek:          15-18

Sobota:         12-15


Poniedziałek: 10-18
Wtorek:        10-18
Środa:          10-18
Czwartek:     10-18
Piątek:         10-18



Poniedziałek: 16-19
Wtorek:        16-19
Środa:          16-19
Czwartek:     15-18
Piątek:         15-18