Regulations OSK GAZeLka

§ 1

  1. The course consists of online theory classes, practical driving classes and internal exams.
  2. The School does not charge additional fees for retaking internal exams.
  3. The School undertakes to conduct training to prepare the L-driver for the state driving test in accordance with the best knowledge and practice.
  4. The trainee has the right to change the instructor without giving a reason.
  5. The student has the right to withdraw from the course. The withdrawal should be submitted in writing by sending an e-mail to the following address:

§ 2

  1. Payment for the course should be made in cash or by bank transfer in full or in interest-free installments according to the schedule:
    • 1st installment before signing up for the course,
    • 2nd installment before the end of the 10th hour of the practical course,
    • 3rd installment before completing the 20th hour of the practical course.
  2. Customer service hotline is open Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 20.00.
  3. Payments can be made in 3 ways: in cash in one of our offices, by traditional transfer or via przelewy24 transfer system.
    The przelewy24 allows you to pay by credit card or fast online transfer. By making a payment via, you accept the regulations of przelewy24.
  4. Since it takes up to 2 days to have the payments booked in our systems, all transfers must be made no later than 2 days before the planned driving lessons for which the payment is required. Otherwise, a printed bank confirmation of payment must be presented before the ride.
  5. The School reserves the right to adjust the price of the course after 6 months from the start of the course. The date of the beginning of the course is the day when the first payment was made. If the course is suspended during this time, the remaining part of the practical course will be settled according to the following formula: [(current course price / 30 hours of practical classes) – (price of the course at the time of enrollment / 30 hours of practical classes)] x unused hours = additional payment
  6. The School reserves the right to charge a fee for the hours scheduled with the instructor for which the student did not appear and had not rescheduled within the specified time. The fee is equal to the current price of an additional driving hour.
  7. In the additional payment for the course hasn’t been made, the instructor will not arrange further rides until the due payment is settled.
  8. In the event of withdrawal from the course, the funds paid to the center will be returned minus the cost of: training materials, online theory access and completed hours of practical driving.

§ 3

  1. The School undertakes to remind about scheduled classes via SMS sent to the student’s phone number 24 hours before the driving class.
  2. The student is obliged to cancel or postpone classes no later than 24 hours before the classes. Classes can be canceled/(re)scheduled on the phone by contacting the instructor or by sending an e-mail to
  3. In the absence of the student, the instructor is obliged to wait 15 minutes of the scheduled time of class and call the student. After 15 minutes, the instructor is released from further waiting.
  4. The School reserves the right to charge the fee referred to in §2 point 3 in the event of failure to meet the conditions of § 3 point 2.
  5. The instructor is responsible for the student’s health, safety of other road users and entrusted property. The instructor is obliged to conduct classes in compliance with the regulations and to ensure that traffic is not obstructed.
  6. In order to ensure the safety and allow traffic flaw, the instructor may use the controls to take control of the vehicle. This can involve unannounced braking, gripping and turning the steering wheel or speeding up by pressing the accelerator pedal.
  7. The student is obliged to follow the instructor’s instructions, especially in situations threatening road safety.

§ 4

  1. The course is considered as completed when the student passes both internal exams (theoretical – applies to students with stationary theory or only practical – applies to students with online theory).
  2. The school undertakes to update the student’s PKK profile within 2 working days after passing internal exams.


§ 1

  1. The voucher is assigned to one specific student and is not subject to resale, return or refund. It cannot be transferred to a person other than the one indicated on the day of purchase.
  2. The voucher can be issued on paper at one of the 8 GAZeLka offices. The printed voucher can serve as a gift and does not need to be presented when you want to use the voucher.
  3. The voucher fee + shipping costs if you choose a courier delivery must be paid in advance – in cash at the office or by transfer made to the account of the GAZeLka Driving School. The voucher does not cover the costs of the medical examination necessary to obtain the PKK.
  4. The conditions of participation in the course purchased in the form of a voucher are included in regulations of the GAZeLka Driving School regarding the category B driving license course and extra driving lessons.

§ 2

  1. The voucher can be used for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.
  2. After 6 months, the voucher does not expire and all funds remain valid until use. The school reserves the right to adjust the price after 6 months from the date of purchase.
  3. The voucher holder is obliged to pay any difference between the course price or driving lessons price on the day of purchase and the current price at the time of its use.

§ 3

  1. The voucher can be purchased for any selected service from the price list.
  2. The current price list is available on the official website of the GAZeLka Driving School at: address: